Prepaid Currency Cards


Prepaid Currency Card

What safer way to carry and spend money overseas than the Prepaid Currency Card, designed to store and keep large sums of money safe when travelling. Offering all the reassurance of Chip and Pin security and convenience of any other payment card, you can use your prepaid currency card to purchase any product or services across 36 million shops, restaurants and hotels worldwide. It also provides the ability to be able to withdraw local currency from more than 1 million ATM’s worldwide.

Prepaid currency cards could be considered the 21st century travellers’ cheques as they are proving to be a revolutionary step forward in how consumers spend their money abroad whether for travel, business or even through the Internet.

Save Money

Not only do we offer better exchange rates than your high street bank, you can also take advantage of the rate whilst it’s high and load your card up with your holiday spending money before you go away. All of our currency cards are prepaid cards, so you know exactly how much you are spending when you are away from home.

Our Cards

Our prepaid currency cards come in three different card options for you to choose from:

The Global Travel Prepaid Currency Card could be one of the best ways to carry Euros, US Dollars and Sterling. Use your Chip & PIN currency card to carry your holiday money rather than carrying large amounts of cash. Use ATMs to withdraw cash when you want, or use the Chip & PIN in outlets.

prepaid euro card

We charge a fixed fee of €1.50 per ATM withdrawal in the UK and overseas. When used in the Euro-zone, point of sale transaction fees do not apply and ATM surcharges may also apply.

prepaid dollar card

We charged a fixed fee of $2.00 per ATM withdrawal in the UK and overseas. When used in the USA, point of sale transaction fees do not apply. Some banks or third-party ATM operators abroad and in the UK may charge additional fees for use of their ATMs, these will be clearly advertised.

prepaid sterling card

A 2.8% fixed charge is made on point of sale on International transactions where you will be paying out of currency. International ATM withdrawals also incur a 2.8% charge (min £1.50).




Frequently Asked Questions

By using prepaid currency card you will be able to get your currency at the same rates as our business clients rather than the standard rates you will find on the high street, or at the travel kiosks.

how is it more secure?

Through Chip and PIN security all of our cards provide better security than carrying cash.

WHERE CAN it be used?

All of our prepaid currency cards can be used worldwide, including ATMs, shops, hotels and restaurants.

how do i apply?

Simply apply online, and receive your card within 7-10 days. You can even buy currency online as soon as your account is setup.

HOW DO I put money on my card?

When you get your card, you will be given an online username and password. You can then easily buy your Euros, Dollars and Sterling online, whenever you want. You can also buy currency with a bank transfer.

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