Corporate Clients


Foreign Exchange and International Payments

Moving Currency prides itself on understanding the requirements of both new businesses and large corporations when trading internationally. Most rarely think about the rate of exchange until they are about to process a transaction. By planning ahead businesses can look to minimise the impact currency fluctuations have on their profits long term.

Work with a dedicated client account manager who can help organise and set up all your payments and FX needs, there to guide you through each step from A-Z.

Personalised FX services can help save you a fortune when it comes to bank fees added onto transfers, admin costs and foreign exchange - resulting in an increasing efficiency for regular payments no matter the size.

Global Currency Accounts

Our Global Currency Accounts help exporters and importers trade overseas in a fast, cost effective and secure manner with your dedicated personal account manager providing all the necessary guidance along the way.

You can open multi-currency accounts, transfer balances between currency accounts, pay suppliers and invoice clients in local currencies.

We offer all this and more in a secure and regulated environment, making trading overseas simple and cost effective. 


 Mass Payment Solutions

Moving Currency is able to help you transfer a large number of payments quickly, efficiently and securely using our mass payment platform. Whether it’s payroll, royalty payments, redemption payments, we have a simple solution available to assist you in controlling the way you manage your money.

Share Class Hedging

Our share class hedging experts can help you stay ahead of the market risks by building simple, bespoke foreign currency solutions to best suit your needs.

We offer passive and active FX hedging solutions for portfolio and share class hedging focused on reducing currency risk and fluctuations between the base and hedge currency.

Our prices are fixed with no hidden fees attached, resulting in you maintaining the control of your finances.  


Client Money and Investment Solutions

At Moving Currency we manage and deliver payment and client money solutions to a variety of investment firms in ways that work best for you. No matter which industry you do business in or it’s type, sector or size, we are here to make your operations more efficient. Whether you’re wanting to process subscriptions or redemptions, FX Payments and hedging or undertaking compliance and investor due diligence, we are here to take the weight off your shoulders.

These services are available via our portal or API integration, providing scalability to deal with an extremely high volume of payments and investors. 

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